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What My Clients Say

I have been working out with Sean for 8+ years now. Truly, I am stronger and more fit in my 40s than I ever was during my 20s. He got me in shape to be able to train for multiple marathons, something I couldn’t have even dreamt of 10 years ago. I have converted to doing virtual sessions, but he hasn’t missed a beat. I threw him a unique challenge of limited equipment and *super* limited space, yet he comes back with new and fun (his words, not mine) exercises week after week that continue to improve my strength and agility. He is very well versed in exercise physiology and nutrition and is informed about the latest studies. I think of Sean every time I am stepping down backwards from a ladder holding a tub full of stuff straight over my head—good health and strength are noticed in everyday activities. And for me, Sean is a big part of that.

Annie Lee

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